Amended Method Titles

Method Names are highlighted in bold within the Method Titles. Provisionally named Methods (i.e. those not yet added to the Library as they did not qualify at the time they were rung) are marked [P]. Where titles need amending to avoid a conflict with an existing or another amended title, the name has been modified by adding 'II' unless otherwise advised.

a) Remove Slow Course class (adding Slow to the name if required for uniqueness)
Method Title
Amended Title
Acton Town Bob Minor
Adrian Parry Bob Minor
Adzor Bob Minor
Aggers Bob Minor
All Saints Nottingham Bob Minor
Alperton Bob Minor
Arnos Grove Bob Minor
Around 50 Bob Minor
Arsenal Bob Minor
Aylton Bob Minor
Bagwyllydiart Bob Minor
Baker Street Slow Bob Minor
Ballingham Bob Minor
Bank Bob Minor
Barons Court Bob Minor
Basin Reserve Bob Minor
Bearded Wonder Bob Minor
Bedfont Bob Doubles
Berkhamsted Bob Minor
Bermondsey Bob Minor
Bilborough Place Doubles
Black Cygnet Bob Major
Black Cygnet Bob Minor
Black Swan Bob Minor
Blackfriars Bob Minor
Blythburgh Bob Minor
Bogan Bob Doubles
Bolstone Bob Minor
Bond Street Bob Minor
Boveney Place Doubles
Boycott Bingo Bob Minor
Brecon Place Doubles
Brimpton Bob Minor
Bringsty Common Bob Minor
Bromyard Slow Bob Minor
Broughton Place Doubles
Burlingjobb Bob Minor
Burnt Oak Bob Minor
Cambridgeshire Place Doubles
Candlesby Bob Caters
Candlesby Bob Doubles
Candlesby Bob Triples
Canonford Bob Minor
Cardiganshire Bob Doubles
Carey Bob Minor
Caunton Bob Doubles
Centurion Bob Minor
Chadnor Bob Minor
Chalfont Slow Bob Minor
Chesham Bob Doubles
Chipping Barnet Place Minor
Chipstead Bob Doubles
Chocolate Cake Bob Minor
Clewer Slow Bob Major
Clewer Slow Bob Minor
CMJ Bob Minor
Cockfosters Bob Minor
Colnbrook Place Doubles
Colne Bob Doubles
Coolydoody Bob Minor
Cornwall Place Doubles
Corridor of Uncertainty Bob Minor
Cottesmore Bob Minor
Cover Bob Minor
Cow Corner Bob Minor
Crane Bob Doubles
Cranford Bob Doubles
Craswall Bob Minor
Credenhill Bob Minor
Croxley Bob Minor
Cwmyoy Bob Minor
Da Staines-upon-Thames Massive Bob Triples
Deep Extra Bob Minor
Denbighshire Place Doubles
Dinmore Bob Minor
Dollis Hill Bob Minor
Dorney Bob Minor
Dunwich Bob Minor
Durlow Common Bob Minor
Ealing Common Bob Minor
Eardisley Slow Bob Minor
Earls Court Bob Minor
Easily Done! Bob Minor
East Finchley Bob Minor
East London Line Bob Minor
Eastcote Bob Minor
Eaton Hill Bob Minor
Eden Gardens Bob Minor
Eden Park Bob Minor
Edgbaston Slow Bob Minor
Edgware Road Bob Minor
Edgware Bob Minor
Edwyn Ralph Bob Minor
Eton Place Doubles
Euston Square Bob Minor
Ewyas Harold Slow Bob Minor
Finchley Central Bob Minor
Finchley Road Bob Minor
Fine Leg Bob Minor
Finsbury Park Slow Bob Minor
Fly Slip Bob Minor
Forden Bob Minor
Galle Place Minor
Garnons Bob Minor
Garway Hill Bob Minor
Glamorgan Place Doubles
Gloucester Road Bob Minor
Golders Green Bob Minor
Green Park Bob Minor
Grosmont Bob Minor
Gully Bob Minor
Hammersmith Slow Bob Minor
Hampstead Slow Bob Minor
Harborne Place Minor
Harlesden Bob Minor
Harmondsworth Bob Doubles
Harrow-on-the-Hill Bob Minor
Hascombe Place Doubles
Haselbech Slow Bob Major
Heathrow Bob Doubles
Hegdon Bob Minor
Hergest Ridge Bob Minor
Hilton Bob Minor
Hoarwithy Bob Minor
Holborn Bob Minor
Holywell Bob Minor
Horton Slow Bob Minor
Houghton Bob Minor
Huntingdonshire Slow Bob Doubles
Ickenham Little Bob Doubles
Ickenham Bob Minor
Irongate Bob Minor
Itchingfield Slow Bob Doubles
Jake Robert Bob Minor
John Arlott Bob Minor
Johnners Bob Minor
Julie McDonnell Slow Bob Minor
Kempton Little Bob Doubles
Ken and Dorothy Nicholas' 50th Wedding Anniversary Bob Minor
Kensington Oval Bob Minor
Kentchurch Bob Minor
Kentish Town Bob Minor
Kilburn Bob Minor
King's Cross St Pancras Bob Minor
Kingsbury Bob Minor
Kingswood Bob Minor
Knightsbridge Bob Minor
Ledgemoor Bob Minor
Leg Over Bob Minor
Leg Slip Bob Minor
Leicester Square Bob Minor
Leicestershire Slow Bob Doubles
Lenton Slow Bob Doubles
Linley Green Bob Minor
Little Birch Bob Minor
Little Dewchurch Bob Minor
Little Gaddesden Bob Minor
Llangua Bob Minor
Llanveynoe Bob Minor
Long Leg Bob Minor
Long Off Bob Minor
Long On Bob Minor
Longford Bob Doubles
Lyddington Bob Major
Lyddington Bob Minor
Malvern Bob Minor
Mansell Lacy Bob Minor
Maplin Bob Major
Maplin Bob Minor
Marylebone Slow Bob Minor
Merton Bob Doubles
Mid Off Bob Minor
Mid On Bob Minor
Mid Wicket Bob Minor
Mill Hill East Bob Minor
Monkhide Bob Minor
Munderfield Bob Minor
My Dear Old Thing Bob Minor
Neasden Slow Bob Minor
Newlands Slow Bob Minor
North Ealing Bob Minor
North Harrow Bob Minor
North Wembley Bob Minor
Northamptonshire Bob Doubles
Northwick Park Bob Minor
Norwell Place Doubles
Nupton Bob Minor
Oakley Bob Doubles
Oakwood Bob Minor
Ockham Place Doubles
Old Hill Place Minor
Old Street Bob Minor
Osterley Slow Bob Minor
Oxford Circus Bob Minor
Oxfordshire Slow Bob Doubles
Paddington Bob Minor
Pembrokeshire Place Doubles
Piccadilly Circus Bob Minor
Pinchbeck Bob Doubles
Pixley Bob Minor
Plastic Swan Bob Minor
Point Bob Minor
Portway Bob Minor
Poyle Bob Caters
Poyle Bob Doubles
Poyle Bob Triples
Premadasa Bob Minor
Prince George Alexander Louis Bob Doubles
Princess Charlotte Elizabeth Diana Bob Doubles
Prior's Frome Bob Minor
Pyon Bob Minor
Queensbury Bob Minor
Raveningham Place Doubles
Regent's Park Bob Minor
Rhiannon Margaret Bob Minor
Rickmansworth Slow Bob Minor
Ridge Hill Place Minor
Risbury Bob Minor
Rowlstone Bob Minor
Rugby Bob Doubles
Runemede Place Doubles
Russell Square Bob Minor
Ruth's on the Treble Slow Bob Minor
Sabina Park Bob Minor
Salcombe Bob Minor
Saltby Slow Bob Minor
Sam Maguire Place Minor
Sarnia Bob Minor
Scarletts Bob Doubles
Shelford Bob Doubles
Shilpa Bob Minor
Shipping Forecast Bob Minor
Shoreditch Bob Minor
Shucknall Bob Minor
Slapton Slow Bob Doubles
Slip Bob Minor
Snitterfield Bob Minor
Somerset Slow Bob Doubles
South Kensington Bob Minor
Southgate Bob Minor
Spital Little Place Doubles
Square Leg Bob Minor
St Deiniols Bob Minor
St Edmund Bob Doubles
St George East Bristol Bob Minor
St James's Park Bob Minor
St John Cardiff Bob Minor
St Mary Staines Bob Minor
St Sepulcre's Bob Doubles
St Ursula the Fat Bob Doubles
Stanmore Bob Minor
Stick of Rhubarb Bob Minor
Stoke Edith Bob Minor
Surrey Place Doubles
Sutton Bob Minor
Swiss Cottage Bob Minor
Taff Bob Minor
Tarrington Bob Minor
The Alderman Bob Minor
The Angel Bob Minor
The Bell Bob Minor
The Bridge Bob Minor
The Castle Bob Minor
The Dog Bob Minor
The Gabba Bob Minor
The Plough Bob Minor
The Primary Club Bob Minor
Third Man Bob Minor
Thornborough Place Doubles
Tillington Common Bob Minor
TMS Bob Minor
Tottenham Slow Bob Minor
Totteridge & Whetstone Bob Minor
Trent Bridge Place Minor
Trumpet Bob Minor
Trumpington Bob Minor
Turnant Bob Minor
Turnham Green Bob Minor
Twyford Little Bob Doubles
Uplyme Bob Minor
Utricularia Bob Minor
View from the Boundary Bob Minor
Vinedale Bob Minor
Vowchurch Bob Minor
WACA Bob Minor
Wadenhoe Slow Bob Minor
Walterstone Slow Bob Minor
Wankhede Bob Minor
Warren Street Bob Minor
Watford Bob Minor
Welshpool Bob Minor
Wembley Central Bob Minor
Wenhaston Bob Minor
West Finchley Bob Minor
West Harrow Bob Minor
Westhope Bob Minor
Westmorland Place Doubles
White Rocks Place Minor
Winkfield Bob Minor
Wollaton Slow Bob Minor
Woodton Bob Minor
Wordsley Bob Minor
Wormbridge Bob Minor
Wormsley Bob Minor
Wragby Bob Minor
Yarsop Bob Minor
Yearsett Bob Minor
Yeoveney Bob Doubles
Yorkshire Place Doubles

b) Non-method blocks become methods (moving 'Block' into the name where appropriate)
Method Title
Amended Title
12 Victoria Street Surprise Minor
Balfron Tower Block Surprise Minor
Cromwell Tower Block Surprise Minor
Dunholme Court Treble Place Minimus
Ermine Court Treble Place Minimus
Lauderdale Tower Block Surprise Minor
Lismore Treble Place Minimus
Shakespeare Tower Block Surprise Minor
Trellick Tower Block Surprise Minor

c) Remove Hybrid and Little Hybrid from method titles (class unchanged)
Method Title
Amended Title
Abbotsham Major
Ada Minimus
Annie's Fancy Minor
Audrey Minimus
Badby Minor
Benets over S2 Minor
Benets over S5 Minor
Birthday Differential Royal
Black Pudding Minimus
Blanchworth Doubles
Bovey Tracey Major
Briswich Major
Cambridge over Cambridge Differential Minor
Cambridge over S2 Minor
Cambridge over S6 Minor
Cambridge under Cambridge Minor
Cambridge under Carlisle Minor
Cambridge under Dover Minor
Cambridge under London Minor
Carlisle over D1 Minor
Carlisle over D2 Minor
Carlisle over Mendip Differential Minor
Carlisle over S1 Minor
Carlisle over S2 Minor
Carlisle over S5 Minor
Carlisle over S6 Differential Minor
Carlisle over Sedlescombe Minor
Chudleigh Knighton Major
Cold Higham Minor
Cransley Minor
Crick Major
D1 under George Orwell Minor
Deene Minor
Dover over D2 Differential Minor
Eddone Minor
Elsie Mary Minimus
Empingham Minor
Ethel Minimus
F1 Minor
Flat Rock Minimus
George Orwell over Cambridge Minor
Gertrude Minimus
Glaston Minor
Great Casterton Minor
Helmdon II Minor
Heywood II Major
Huntsham Major
Kilauea Differential Maximus
King's Cliffe Minor
Lincoln College Minor
London Link Differential Sixteen
London over S1 Differential Minor
London over S5 Minor
Lyddington Minor
Ma Minimus
Mears Ashby Minor
Mendip under Carlisle Minor
Nat Wilhie Doubles
Nick Nack Differential Royal
Northamptonshire Minor
Potterspury Minor
Red Square Doubles
Richard III Doubles
Roade Minor
Rumble Differential Maximus
S1 under Carlisle Minor
S1 under George Orwell Minor
S1 under London Minor
S1 under Stotfold Minor
S2 under Stotfold Minor
S6 under Benets Minor
Seavington St Mary Minor
Seconds Out Differential Maximus
Sedlescombe under Cambridge Minor
St Cyr Doubles
St David's Guild Annual Outing Minor
St Hilda's College Minor
St Hugh's College Minor
Stinchcombe Doubles
Stotfold over Cambridge Minor
Stotfold over S1 Minor
Stotfold over S2 Minor
Stotfold over S5 Minor
Stotfold over S6 Minor
Sulgrave Minor
Syon Gipsy Royal
Tetley's Smoothflow Differential Minor
To The Devil Minor
Twywell Minor
U-Dub Doubles
Wadenhoe Minor
Wadham College Minor
Warkton Minor
Wee Willie Winkie Maximus
Welford Major
Whilton Major
Whirlwind Differential Royal
Wicken Major
Wollaston Minor
Worthington Creamflow Differential Minor

d1) Remove Differential, Little and Hybrid from short course Hybrid methods
Method Title
Amended Title

d2) Remove Differential from other short course Hunters
Method Title
Amended Title
Adelie Penguin Surprise Royal
Alpha Bob Caters
Andover New Bob Doubles
Avington Place Doubles
Bailey Little Place Triples
Baldrick Little Bob Caters
Baldrick Little Bob Cinques
Baldrick Little Bob Doubles
Baldrick Little Bob Triples
Balmoral Castle Surprise Minor
Basingstoke New Bob Doubles
Beenham Bob Doubles
Belinda Alliance Royal
Bentworth Bob Doubles
Blackadder Alliance Triples
Bob Palin Little Bob Triples
Bristol12 Little Surprise Sixteen
Bristol14 Little Surprise Sixteen
Burford Little Bob Royal
Caithness Old Place Doubles
Candover Place Doubles
Carthage Surprise Royal
Chain-link Alliance Maximus
Circle Master Surprise Royal
Clifford's Tower Surprise Royal
Collingbourne Ducis Place Doubles
Collingbourne Kingston Bob Doubles
Crayford Little Bob Royal
Crayford Little Bob Sixteen
Croagh Patrick II Surprise Minor
Crosby Place Doubles
Cundell's Bob Triples
Darling Little Bob Triples
Double Aster Place Doubles
Double Canterbury Pleasure Place Doubles
Double College Old Bob Triples
Double Bob Doubles
Double Meriden Place Doubles
Double Stedman Bob Doubles
Dr No Surprise Royal
England Bob Doubles
Europa Little Treble Place Sixteen
Fastnet Bob Triples
Fellowship of the Ring Alliance Triples
Finnan Treble Bob Minor
Forton Place Doubles
Fulham Reverse Bob Triples
Garry Treble Bob Minor
Glazgow Little Surprise Sixteen
Hafnium II Delight Minor
Harris Treble Bob Minor
Hebrides Little Place Triples
Herriard Place Doubles
Horsetail Delight Bob Doubles
Huntly Castle Surprise Minor
Lampton Place Doubles
Leda Little Alliance Sixteen
Loch Gorm Surprise Minor
Loch Lomond II Surprise Minor
London Little Surprise Major
Lundy II Surprise Royal
Malin Little Place Triples
Mandarin Little Alliance Maximus
Marlborough New Bob Doubles
Middlesex II Little Bob Triples
Midgham Bob Doubles
Newbury Old Bob Doubles
Old Alresford Place Doubles
Osterley Bob Doubles
Oxfordshire Old Bob Doubles
Partial Surprise Royal
Plymouth Bob Triples
Rainhill Bob Minor
Reading Old Bob Doubles
Reading Old Bob Triples
RedBlock Little Bob Maximus
Return of the King Little Bob Triples
Sgurr Surprise Royal
Shaw New Bob Doubles
Single College Old Bob Triples
Single Fulham Bob Triples
Single Surrey Bob Triples
Space Oddity Little Alliance Maximus
Speen Bob Doubles
St Dunstan's Old Bob Triples
St Wulstan Bob Doubles
Temple Meads Surprise Royal
Tenpo Little Surprise Maximus
Tiebout's Mental Block Little Alliance Cinques
Two Towers Bob Triples
Upton by Birkenhead Treble Place Doubles
Wales Bob Doubles
Wallingford Place Doubles
Winchester New Bob Doubles
Wokingham Bob Doubles

d3) Remove Differential from short course non Hunters (now Principles)
Method Title
Amended Title
Boatman's Minimus
Bottom Maximus
Cambridge under Stotfold Minor
D2 under Carlisle Minor
Egloskerry Minimus
George Orwell over D2 Minor
Llanarthne II Minimus
Mendip under Dover Minor
Mr Wood's Double Minimus
New Boatman's Minimus
Pentagon Bridge Royal
Reverse Tinwell Minimus
Ridlington Minimus
S2 under Cambridge Minor
S5 under Cambridge Minor
S5 under Chieveley Minor
Sedlescombe under Chieveley Minor
St Alphege Minimus
Ten Rides Minimus

e) Reclassify methods with hunt bell symmetry about a row rather than a change as Treble Place or Alliance
Method Title
Amended Title
Cambridge under Benets Little Treble Place Minor
Cherington Alliance Minimus
Churn Valley Little Alliance Minimus
Clearwell Alliance Minimus
Coln Valley Little Alliance Minimus
Custard Alliance Minimus
Daglingworth Alliance Minimus
Elmstone Hardwicke Alliance Minimus
Ermin Little Alliance Minimus
Evil Alliance Minor
Fosse Little Alliance Minimus
Good Alliance Minor
Lathors Cure Alliance Minimus
London over S2 Differential Little Alliance Minor
London over S6 Differential Little Alliance Minor
Mendip under Benets Little Treble Place Minor
Parsley Alliance Minimus
Rhubarb Alliance Minimus
Rosemary Alliance Minimus
S1 under Benets Little Treble Place Minor
S1 under Chieveley Little Treble Place Minor
Sage Alliance Minimus
Smod Hole Inn Alliance Minimus
Stanway Alliance Minimus
Thyme Alliance Minimus
Wader Wodon Alliance Minimus
Walmer Little Alliance Major
Woolly Jumper Alliance Major
Wyck Rissington Alliance Minimus
Ypsen Harpen Alliance Minimus

f) Reclassify methods with stationary bells as Treble Place
Method Title
Amended Title
Cheeky Little Treble Place Minimus
Itram Little Treble Place Minimus
Martyrs Link Little Treble Place Major

Summary of Changes
Methods affected
a) Remove Slow Course class
   methods included above where 'Slow' has been added to the name for uniqueness
b) Non-method blocks become methods (moving 'Block' into the name where appropriate)
c) Remove Hybrid and Little Hybrid from method titles (class unchanged)
d1) Remove Differential, Little and Hybrid from short course Hybrid methods
d2) Remove Differential from other short course Hunters
d3) Remove Differential from short course non Hunters (now Principles)
e) Reclassify methods with hunt bell symmetry about a row rather than a change as Treble Place or Alliance
f) Reclassify methods with stationary bells as Treble Place
Total methods to be retitled while retaining their classification
Total methods to be reclassified
Total methods with Little removed

Methods retitled (2.7% of 21315)
Methods that are currently provisional that will be added under transitional arrangements